• 12 Molengraaffsingel Delft, 2629 JD Netherlands


Infinipipe is a daughter company of ISRAR Group. Thereby, having the same philosophy of making a difference in the society which resembles in the company’s slogan (“Initiated for Life”) as well. The founder of the company originated from a developing country, where the basic facilities (water, electricity, sewer and gas) are not a granted option. Since developing countries are constantly struggling with years of stagnation, there is a high demand for out of the box, cost efficient and time saving solutions. We believe that water, electricity, sewer and gas is every human’s basic right, and has no option to stay stagnated. Therefore, the idea of connecting remote areas with these basic facilities in an innovative manner, led to a revolutionizing method for pipe manufacturing.

We believe that there is a direct relationship between infrastructure on well-being & prosperity. This ideology is embedded in our company’s DNA and as we grow, so will these communities. We are a company of commercial interest but beyond that, we seek more of a humanitarian difference.